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The New C-Boom Furler
to Hoist, Lower and Reef the Mainsail 

How the C-Boom Furler Works

How the C-Boom Furler Works

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Curious about the cost of an installed C-Boom Furler on your boat? Email with your name, the make, model, and size of your boat, as well as your boat location. We will put together a competitive price for you.


You may be asking this question. We have the answers. Click below to discover all the reasons how this innovative invention will change your life!

  • Adapt owner’s sail with luff tape. 

  • Custom fabricate and install sail track extrusion on owner’s mast. 

  • Custom fabricate C-boom Furler to fit owner’s boom

  • Optional: Install sun protective sail cover to the leech end of sail 

  • Train owner on safe use of C Boom Furler product on owner’s boat 

  • Train owner /users on method for boom furler removal and re-installation

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