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Why purchase a C-Boom Furler?
A C-Boom Furler enhances the ability of the skipper to reef, drop / store the mainsail without leaving the tiller or sending a crew on the deck. This provides more functionality of the boat and adds safety.


A significant cause of loss of life on a sailboat is loss of balance and falling overboard. A C-Boom Furler all but eliminates this. How?
Many accidents occur when the crew or skipper are tending the sails. A wind gust or change in wind direction can cause the sail to throw one overboard or cause one to lose balance. The C-Boom Furler provides complete control of the mainsail without leaving the cockpit.

The C-Boom Furler allows the skipper to incrementally reef the mainsail at three (3) inch intervals.

How does the C-Boom Furler improve on the stack pack and lazy jacks used on many cruisers? 
A stack pack places the sail bag directly on the boom and catches the mainsail as it is lowered. Lazy Jacks are a series of small lines that run from the sides of the mast at the point of the spreaders down and aft to the boom along each side of the sail. The lines form a cradle that guides the sail onto the top of the boom into the stack pack. Although these devices are helpful, they do not remove the need for the skipper and/or crew to go aloft to tend the sail. For example, the mainsail may snag during lowering, the lazy jack lines must be deployed prior to lowering, and neither device allows for incremental reefing without additional lines added to the sail. The lazy jacks also tend to snag on the battens.


Do you replace the boom on my boat?
We use your existing boom. The C-Boom furler is attached to the aft end of your boom with a custom-fitted aft plate.

I enjoy cruising but like to race as well and would want to drop the weight and remove the boom furler for racing. Is this possible?
Yes, the C-Boom Furler can be easily removed by removing two screws on the aft plate. It is reinstalled when you are ready to cruise. If you wish to cruise and race, you may find it advantageous to keep your older sail on the C-Boom Furler. You can then detach the C-Boom Furler with the sail furled on it. Your boat is now ready for racing.


Do I need a mainsail cover when I purchase the product? 
Most mainsail covers work nicely with the C-Boom Furler. The cover fits over the entire system. Alternatively, you may want to sew a sun-resistant fabric on the leech of your mainsail, similar to the fabric used for a furled foresail. This provides protection for your mainsail once it is furled. This saves the step of taking the cover off and placing it back on after a sail. C-Boom Furler offers this as an option for a nominal price while adapting your sail (see below).

Do I need to purchase a new mainsail or does the mainsail need any adaptation for the C-Boom Furler to operate properly?
You do not need to buy a new sail but we will adapt your sail in two ways: First, the luff slides are removed. Secondly, a luff tape is installed on the luff of the sail.

Is that adaptation of my mainsail included in the price?


Does a C-Boom Furler representative need to have access to my sailboat?
Yes, upon execution of the purchase contract and your tendering 50% of the purchase price plus tax, a representative of C Boom Furler will need to take measurements in your presence. At that point, we can discuss delivery, installation, and training.


Am I provided directions on how to install C-Boom Furler?
Yes. A C-Boom Furler representative will install and test it on your boat and teach you how to remove and re-attach the product. A C-Boom Furler representative will then train you on how to operate the product on your boat. This is included in the purchase contract.

I understand that 50% is due upon my execution of the contract. When is the remaining 50% due?
The remaining 50% of the contract price is due once installations and training are completed.

Is there a warranty on the C-Boom Furler product? What if the product requires repair or a replacement part?

Yes, the C Boom Furler’s warranty is for one (1) year from the date of final payment and extends to repair and replacement parts. During the one (1) year warranty period repair and replacement parts are free. 


Is the C-Boom Furler a custom-made product?

Yes. The furler is custom-made to fit your boom and mast. In addition to the custom-fitting, you will need to install a rigid boom vang on your sailboat if you do not already have one.

Is the C-Boom Furler a patented product?

Yes. The C-boom Furler is patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  #9783276

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