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Recent Publications


Ads in recent print and digital editions of Good Old Boat and Sailing Magazine introduce the innovative C-Boom Furler as a very creative way to make your sailing experience safer and more pleasurable.


Good Old Boat

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Print and Digital ads appeared in "Good Old Boat", another well-respected sailing publication.

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Sailing Magazine

Our full page ad appeared on one of the first pages
of this leading US Sailing Magazine.

It’s “The Big One,” people say. It’s full of beautiful pictures and instructive material on all aspects of sailing. SAILING, founded in 1966 by an avid Great Lakes sailor, is the sailor’s magazine. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, it is the oldest continuously published sailing magazine in the United States.

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Spin Sheet

Our ad appears in the April edition of Spiin Sheet, Chesapeake Bay Sailing.

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